Nordic Worklamps

Nordic Worklamps

Nordic Worklamps

Nordic Lights produce premium, high-tech work lights for heavy-duty vehicles in the mining, construction, forestry, material handling and agricultural industries. 

LED Technology

Unrivalled lofe spans of up to 100,000 hours together with low power consumption and resistance to high levels of shock and vibration make LEDs the ideal light source for worklamps. Their compact size allows them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Light Output - Theoretical vs Operating

With their luminous efficiency continuing to increase, LEDs have rapidly become the 'MUST HAVE' light source for work lamps of all sizes and utility.

The newer technology the greater the frequency of confusing and misleading information in the market. This is especially true with LED technology. The most confused of these is the lumen output figures quoted by many manufacturers.

The light output claims made by LED worklamp manufacturers and suppliers should be questioned in detail because often they quote mathematically calculated lumen figure based upon trigger pulse measurements provided by LED component makers, and have no relationship to a completed product's actual light output, but is a purely theoretical lumen rating that cannot be acheived in real world conditions.

The real light output depends upon many factors including how effective the lamp body is at dissipating heat, plus the quality and the efficiency of the electronics and lens.

To ensure out customers can make a fair and informed decision, Nordic Lights are now presenting both theoretical and a stabilised Operating Lumen Output value for the entire LED Worklamp range. 

Theoretical is mathematically calculated as explained above.

Operating Lumen Output is measured once the work lamp has run for a period of time reaching a stable thermal level and represents a real world lumen output for a lamp used in normal conditions.

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